How should the concrete mixer fail?

1. Attention should be paid to degassing during maintenance.

After the hydraulic cylinder is repaired, the hydraulic system should run smoothly for a period of time to fully circulate the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system; if necessary, the intake pipe (or return pipe) of the hydraulic cylinder can be disassembled to overflow the hydraulic oil to achieve the exhaust effect. .

2. Maintain a normal gap between the components.

When manufacturing or repairing the main components of a hydraulic cylinder (such as a cylinder block, concrete agitating piston rod, etc.), it should be assembled according to the tolerance lower limit of the assembly size. Practice has proved that this can reduce the occurrence of cavitation.

3. Strictly select hydraulic oil.

High-quality hydraulic oil should be selected according to the low temperature of different areas, which can effectively prevent air bubbles from appearing during the working process of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil should be added according to the dipstick standard. The hydraulic system should be kept clean (should prevent the injection of other impurities such as water). The oil quality of the hydraulic oil should be checked regularly. If bubbles, foam or oil become milky white, the machine should be carefully searched for and eliminate the air in the hydraulic oil. origin of.