Maintenance method for common faults of small pump trucks

As a commonly used concrete conveying tool, small pump trucks have been widely used in various construction fields. In the course of use, for various reasons, some small pump trucks may cause some malfunctions. Common faults include blocking, inability to pump, continuous sounding of the horn, and bypass valve shaking.

1, blocking the tube

In the process of transporting small pump trucks, it is very important to disassemble the third pump tube if it is blocked by the pump. If there is no foreign matter in the pipe, it can be reinstalled. If the test machine is still faulty, stop the pipe, remove the pressure reducer, and check that there is no foreign matter in the pipe. At the same time, check the piston head and it is normal without wear. Disassemble the elbow at the third section of the boom and press the positive pump. If the concrete can be pumped, it is likely that there will be foreign matter in the pump tube. If there is no foreign matter in the inspection, the pumping system can be analyzed and the pressure is normal.

2. Bypass valve jitter

If the concrete pump truck has a situation in which the bypass valve is shaken, the reason for the analysis is likely to be the following: the boom tubing is violently shaken, and it is considered that the oil passage is blocked. The boom oil passage filter and the boom connecting hose should be inspected. , bypass valves, multi-way valves, etc.

3, the speaker continues to ring

If the small pump horn is continuously sounding during use, it may be analyzed that the cause may be the quality of the chip relay. If the current is too large when the horn is turned on, it is likely to be a problem of excessive control voltage.