Analyze the control requirements of concrete mixers

1. Each cylinder, control valve and motor are operated according to the requirements of the mixing process of the concrete mixing station. The control of each cylinder, control valve and motor must be accurate and stable, and the concrete is stirred reliably.

2. The control system has two working modes, automatic and manual, and the relationship between them is independent and restricts each other.

3. The system has good anti-interference ability and perfect alarm self-protection function.

4. By communicating with the computer, the system working status and fault alarm can be displayed.

When the concrete mixer suddenly loses power or fails during full load operation, first pull down the electric switch and manually remove the concrete inside the mixing drum. The control requirements of the machine are not allowed to start the mixer with load to prevent the current from being too large and the motor is damaged. The operation of the electric mixer is easy to operate on a table with wooden boards. For concrete mixers with a power of more than 5 kW, a starter must be installed. At the time of starting, if the fire or the voltage suddenly drops, stop the start immediately, cut off the power, check and repair.