The important role and main types of concrete pump suspension

The suspension on the sky pump is a general term for all force transmission devices between the frame and the bridge. With the continuous development of the Tian pump industry, the modern Tian pump suspension has various structural forms. The basic components are elastic elements, guides, dampers and stabilizer bars.

1. The function of the suspension is to transmit the vertical reaction force, the longitudinal reaction force and the lateral reaction force of the road surface on the wheel and the torque caused by these reaction forces to be transmitted to the frame to ensure the normal driving of the day pump. .

2, the type of suspension, the sky pump suspension can be divided into the following categories:

The non-independent suspension is characterized in that the wheels on both sides are connected by an integral axle, and the wheels are connected with the axle through the elastic suspension together with the axle. When one side of the wheel is beating due to uneven road, the other side of the wheel must be caused to oscillate in the transverse plane of the day pump, so it is called a non-independent suspension. Non-independent suspensions are widely used in front and rear suspensions of trucks because of their simple structure and reliable operation. In cars, the non-independent suspension is only used for the rear axle.

The independent suspension is characterized in that the axle is broken, and the wheels on each side can be separately connected to the frame through the elastic suspension, and the wheels on both sides can jump separately without affecting each other. Independent suspension