Ten Advantage For Selecting Xinxing Construction Machinery Concrete Batching Plant

Ten advantage for selectric Xinxing Construction Machinery concrete batching plant

Concrete mixing plant (28).jpg

1.Execllent mixing performance

Mixer consoles with the German technology. Strong mixing performance, mix homogeneous and rapid,high productivity.For dry,rigid,plastic and all kinds of concrete proporition of all can reach the good mixing effect.

2.Highest realiable performance

All electrical components of the control system are imported components,greatly reduce the equipment failure.

3.Unique no-stick shaft technology

Through the unique design and reasonable alloction of the mixing arms, mixing vanes,material feeding points, material feeding order etc parts and movements, solve the concrete sticky shaft problem, also reduce the labor intensity.

4.Accurate measurement 

Adopt computer and meter control mode, fast calculation speed, short resonse time. cooperate with the patented technology of clicking point filling and automatic buckle says founction, make measurement accuracy achieves dynamic and more than national measurements standards.

5. Accurate measurement accuracy

Beautiful and easy modeling, resonable structure, pleasant color, comfortable operation, maintain conveninent, strict logical thinking, profound design concept, thorough ergonomics processing and delicate details of the design is the guarantee of excellent products.

6.Conveninent transportation and installation

The overall structure for moduler type. Batching machine,belt conveyor, main structure, screw conveyor are independent institutions, also remove, installation quickly and transportation is conveninent, fast.

7.Simple operating performance

The machine adopts computer control. can be automatically control, also manual operation, simple operation, easy master.

8.Good maintenance performance.

Each maintenance, repair parts have walk platte form or ladder, directly vision and adequate operaton space. Plant is fully or semi enclosed equipment, guarantee all assignments can avoid rains or shine.

9.Excellent environmental protection performance.

All of the powder material is sealed state. Fully closed structure greatly reduce the dust and the noise pollution of the environment, according to your needs, set powder house centralized deducting system, sand, waster recklaim system, truly zero emissions and no pollution.

10.TV monitoring system

According to user's request, can put some TV monitor to batching machine, concrete mixer and dischargeing mouth to make real-time monitoring.